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Thank you for your interest in teaching for the MISD Community Education Department. Our mission is to foster and promote life long learning for the community. We are constantly working to develop new and relevant courses to offer. Course proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis.  We’d love to help you share your knowledge with the community!  If you have an idea for a class, please complete the form below. 

You will be notified that your proposal has been successfully received and will be placed on file with MISD Community Education. If your course is accepted, we will contact you to organize the details of the course and gather any additional information. A background check is mandatory for all community education teachers.

If you have any further questions about teaching a class, please email lparis@mesquiteisd.org or doliver2@mesquiteisd.org.



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If class is geared for children, please specify ages.
What is the maximum number of students?


All workshops, classes, and other programs are advertised in MISD's all electronic communications, posted on the MISD Community Education website, calendar and shared on social media pages.  The success of class/workshop registration partly depends on instructor’s own promotional efforts.  All instructors are expected to actively market their own class(es).  Instructors are encouraged to use personal contacts, distribute class brochures, flyers, etc. 


Important Notice

MISD-Community Education Department offers classes to the public for the purpose of information, instruction, and enlightenment ONLY.  Such classes are NOT to be construed as endorsement or investment recommendations from the individual instructor, his/her company, or Mesquite School District. Submission does not guarantee placement within the class schedule.